POST TIME: 20 April, 2019 00:00 00 AM
Bus terminal turns into filth station
Md Hazinur Rahman, Gazipur

Bus terminal turns into filth station

The main bus terminal of Gazipur city turns into a dirt station with rubbish of all kinds being dumped there.The was taken on Thursday. independent photo

The main bus terminal of Gazipur city has been turned into a dirt station with rubbish of all kinds being dumped there. But the city corporation authorities seem not be bothered about removing the waste. The filth at the busy bus station is causing a great deal of inconvenience to travellers.

The terminal is situated in the main part of the town beside a residential area and kitchen market. Household garbage and waste material from kitchen market are dumped in front the bus terminal. The Gazipur city corporation as not provided any dustbin. As a result, bad odour is fouling up the spot. A number of inter-district buses operate from this terminal and passengers travelling by those buses have to put up with the filth.

 Ali Hossain, a driver of Balaka Paribahan, said, “The terminal is small compared to our needs. Garbage from the residential areas is thrown at the northern side of the terminal.  “A huge amount of filth has piled up here. The environment has become terrible. There is bad odour always. On the other hand, the terminal buildings have been abandoned because there is no security system. Drug peddlers take over at night. This building has now become a public toilet.”

Rafikul Islam, a passenger, said the BIDC road in front of the terminal was a very important thoroughfare.

 He said thousands of people from many public and private offices and residential areas, including Bangladesh Machine tools factory, Bangladesh Ordnance factories, Gazipur and Rajendrapur Cantonment, Bangladesh diesel plant, cantonment school and college, the security printing corporation, Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology, and Gazipur  Sadar upazila parishad office employees use this road daily. As this was the main bus terminal, a large number of people are there day and night. But, according to Islam, the authorities’ lack of concern, environment has become hazardous.

Mohammed Joynal Abedin, a worker’s leader of the terminal said, more than two hundred buses and others vehicles use this terminal daily. The terminal is smaller than the present requirement. On top of that almost 50 per cent of its area is occupied by garbage.

 When contacted, KM Rahatul Islam, the chief executive officer of Gazipur City Corporation, said, “Modern dustbin will be installed very soon. There will be no problems after that is done.”