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Keep price of essentials stable

Keep price of essentials stable

It is worrying to note that prices of beef, mutton and hilsa fish have gone up in the capital's kitchen markets due to lack of adequate supply against a rising demand. According to a report of this newspaper on Saturday,  vegetable prices have remained high over the last couple of weeks and chicken prices have shown an upward trend. Egg prices remained high throughout the week. Traders said the demand for fish, beef and mutton has increased, but their supply has remained the same. This has triggered the price hike.

Every year during the month of Ramzan, prices of essentials including onion, brinjal, green pepper, grams, edible oil and meat go up. According to market sources, prices of fish, meat, egg, chicken have gone up. Prices of broiler, free-range chickens and vegetables are reported to have remained unchanged after they registered an increase in recent weeks. Consumers apprehend that with the beginning of Ramzan prices of the said items may go up further. Every year with the starting of the Ramzan assurance is given to the consumers from the top level of the government and business community leaders that prices of essentials will be kept within the purchasing capacity of people but this rhetoric is hardly translated into action.

A section of dishonest businessmen on various pretexts raise the prices of essentials and make fortunes at the cost of the buyers. Besides, artificial crisis of essentials is created and the hoarders reap the benefits. Prices of essentials should remain stable throughout the year, including the month of Ramzan. If the prices of essentials remain within the purchasing capacity of the consumers they can do the purchasing without pecuniary stress. It is the responsibility of the government, particularly the Commerce Ministry, to assess the import position, supply situation and the stock position of essential commodities in the country. If the demand and supply positions match there should not be any crisis of essentials in the markets, much to the relief of the consumers.

  The high officials of the relevant ministry can hold meetings with the business leaders and traders on a regular basis to keep prices of essentials stable. Monitoring of markets and keeping a vigil on the dishonest traders can also bring the desired results.