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‘Draupadi Parampara’ at Mahila Samiti today
DL desk, Dhaka

‘Draupadi Parampara’ at Mahila Samiti today

A scene from the play ‘Draupadi Parampara’. Photo l courtesy

Theatre (Arambag), one of the popular theatre troupes in the country, will stage its 40th production titled ‘Draupadi Parampara’ today at the Nilima Ibrahim Auditorium of Bangladesh Mahila Samiti in the capitals’ Baily Road area. This is for the first time that ‘Draupadi Parampara’ is going to be staged at Bangladesh Mahila Samiti.

Written and directed by Prabir Dutta, the play depicts Draupadi’s sufferings in patriarchal society by showing her humiliation at the hands of the Kauravas after she was put on bet at a dice-game by Yudhishthira, the eldest Pandava.

In the play, Tahmina Akter, Akifa Alam and Yusha Antara will play the role of Draupadi. The other important casts of the play include Prabir Datta, Shahriar Alam, Shangkar Sarkar, Jahangir Kabir and Lelin Firozi.

Tickets will be available in front of the venue before the show. For advance booking, one can contact at 01926600266.

Where: Bangladesh Mahila Samiti, Baily Road

When: 7pm, today