POST TIME: 22 March, 2019 00:00 00 AM
Railway evicts 900 illegal installations
BSS, Rajshahi

Railway evicts 900
illegal installations

West Zone of Bangladesh Railway (BR) has evicted at least 900 illegal occupants in Rajshahi city in last two days. According to the officials concerned, the BR West Zone has started the eviction drive here from Tuesday last in order to free its land from illegal occupations.  “We have cleared our lands through removing around 900 illegal installations both thatched and concrete at adjacent to Rajshahi Court and Rajshahi University stations in last two days,” said Younus Ali, Estate Officer of the zone, while talking to BSS here yesterday.

He said: “We have launched the eviction drive as per our prior announcement”. Earlier on March 12, people of the area were urged to free the lands before March 19 through a mass-notice and also using loudspeaker, Younus Ali added.

In phases, all the illegal occupations will be removed along with railway track as the government has strict directions of recovering the public lands from unauthorised occupations, he mentioned.

After recovering the lands, there is a plan of constructing walkway beside the railway track on safest distance in the city area. Rajshahi City Corporation has also consent to this end.