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Technology-based solutions cutting down RMG production costs
Anas Shakil, director-manufacturing excellence, ThreadSol, tells The Independent
Sharif Ahmed, Dhaka

Technology-based solutions cutting down RMG production costs

Anas Shakil, director-manufacturing excellence of ThreadSol

Coats Global Services (CGS), which specialises in providing technology-based solutions, last year acquired Threadsol, an Indian software solution provider, that deals with fabric waste in garment manufacturing. In an exclusive interview to The Independent recently, Anas Shakil, director-manufacturing excellence of ThreadSol, shared the business policies and market plans of Threadsol in Bangladesh. Here are excerpts:

The Independent (TI): What is the main function of Coats Global Services?

Anas Shakil (AS): Coats Bangladesh has been operating in Bangladesh for around 30 years. So, it is important to use this relationship and take it forward since we share the same visions. Coats Bangladesh is a subsidiary of Coats Global Services.

CGS provides solutions in areas such as labour, productivity and planning, while material cost is another big aspect of manufacturing. ThreadSol is offering the entire package under one roof.

In the total production cost, fabric accounts for 60-70 per cent. ThreadSol has the capacity to save 10 per cent of fabric cost by calculating fabric requirements precisely and buy exactly what is needed.

We specialise in providing technology-based solutions and industry-based expertise that deliver significant and measurable cost, speed and productivity improvements in fashion brands, retailers, sewn product manufacturers and textile mills.

The solutions help generate the most suitable and optimised cut plan from millions of possible combinations in just one click, thus saving fabric, increasing cutting room productivity and reducing wastage.

Suppose, the cost of an apparel is $6, of which fabric costs $3, labour $2 and overhead  $1 CGS solutions can effectively bring the entire cost down.

Manufacturers cannot cut the cost below their margin. Only productivity and efficiency can reduce the cost. CGS is partnering with the supply chain and taking it forward. We are showing that our software can solve the particular problem.

TI: What’s the cost of using this solution?

AS: I can give a perspective in terms of Return on Investment (ROI). The money that they pump in, they will get the return in a matter of 2, 3 or 4 months. Machinery used for this industry earlier usually had an ROI of 2-3 years. And we are talking about return on investment in 2-3 months. So, that’s phenomenal and within one financial year.

TI: Is it necessary to upgrade the software if someone buys it once?

AS: Yes, the software needs to be updated. When we charge a maintenance cost, it covers all that.

TI: Do you have any plan to provide this solution to the leather sector people?

AS: ThreadSol is relatively a young platform. We are now looking at bags and footwear and the next step would be leather.

TI: How would you want your business in Bangladesh to grow after 5 years?

AS: We want factories to be called "smart factories". Coats-powered smart factories are something cool that we want to do.

TI: Is there any special training required to operate this software?

AS: What we have learnt in the last five years is that people are willing to adapt, and we have made it easier for people to adapt the technology. It has to be designed in a simple way, so that any laymen would be able to use it and the technology company will continue doing this.

The CGS has more than 150 clients in Bangladesh, including Beximco, Dekko, Ananta and Epyllion.