POST TIME: 10 March, 2019 00:00 00 AM
One-stop centre for government services

One-stop centre for 
government services

It is heartening to note that to bring all digital services provided by the government on one platform, the government has decided to implement the "Eksheba-Sarkar" information infrastructure by 2021. This unified platform will provide around 2,000 digital services and a user would be able to avail them like from a one-stop centre. We welcome the move of the government.  

According to a report of this newspaper yesterday, this initiative would take Bangladesh to a truly digital era. Access to Information (A2I) is implementing the project with the help of the Cabinet Division, Information and Communication Technology Division, USAID and the UNDP Bangladesh.

It is the goal of the country to achieve a middle-income country by the year 2021 for establishing prosperity, peace and dignity. The government has implemented many a project relating to digital technologies and a number of these are already underway. Registration for admission to academic institutions, publication of results of examinations, registration for jobs abroad, registration of pilgrimage, collection of official forms, online submission of tax returns, online tendering, etc are a few examples of available digital services. Online banking systems have geared up the financial activities of the country. SMS services for lodging complaints to police stations, online bill payments for utility services, instant communication with persons working abroad, and e-passports are some more examples.  

Telemedicine services, videoconferencing for the treatment of diseases, and video conferencing for administrative activities are examples of e-services available to rural Bangladesh. Setting up of nearly five thousand Union Information Service Centres is a great boost for Digital Bangladesh, especially for rural areas. The programme is a big impetus for the use of digital technology in the country. In spite of several limitations, works are already in progress for the realisation of the dream project in the country. Several projects for digitalisation have been completed and a big number of projects are under progress. The ultimate objective is to make more and more services available at the doorsteps of the people with increased digitalisation where possible. All concerned should work to make the digital services programmes a success. Generation of mass awareness can help achieve the desired goal.