POST TIME: 22 February, 2019 10:52:22 AM
Viewers laud Mehazabien’s work in drama, telefilm
DL reporter, Dhaka

Viewers laud Mehazabien’s work in drama, telefilm

Popular small-screen actress Mehazabien Chowdhury is receiving accolades for her projects that were aired on the occasion of Pahela Falgun and Valentine’s Day. The projects, which include tele-dramas and telefilms, were telecast on various TV channels and YouTube. Mehazabien’s tele-dramas, which grabbed the attention of the viewers, include BU Shuvo’s ‘First love’, Mabrur Rashid Bannah’s ‘Chhoto Pakhir Basha’, Mahmudur Rahman Himi’s ‘Unexpected Story’ and ‘Miss Understanding’, Mizanur Rahman Ariyan’s ‘Bhalo Theko Tumio’, Probir Roy Chowdhury’s ‘Frame-e Bondi Bhalobasha’ and MohidulMohim’s ‘Too Much Love’.

In every tele-drama, the actress tried her best to add authenticity to her characters. Her performances have earned rave reviews. “I also worked in other projects on those occasions. However, they aren’t released yet. Had they been telecast on time, I would have received more positive responses,” said Mehazabien.

“The audience response was amazing. I always try to work in projects with good stories. I express my gratitude to those people who cast me in their projects and also my co-artistes,” she added. DhakaLive has news that Mehazabien will begin shooting for a new telefilm, where she will feature against Irfan Sazzad, under the direction of Avro from tomorrow.