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Amar Ekushey book fair
Insufficient number of books on Language Movement
Rifat Islam, DU

Insufficient number of books on Language Movement

Book lovers crowd the Ekushey Book Fair on International Mother Language Day and Language Martyrs Day yesterday. Focus Bangla Photo

The number of books on Language Movement in Ekushey Book Fair is insignificant when the fair is organised to recall the movement and those who laid down their lives to establish Bangla as the state language on this day in 1952. Readers have huge demand for books on the language movement and the Liberation War.

According to Bangla academy eleven new titles on Language Movement hit the Amar Ekushey Book Fair. Among these include Banglar Lok Sanskritite Bhasha Andolan o Muktijuddha by Mamun Tarafdar, Bhasha Andolaner Katha by Gulshan Ara, Bhasha Andolan o Raktajhara Ekush by Ismail Hossain Bakul, Sirajganjer Bhasha Andolan by Abdul Alim, Bhasha Andolaner Itihas by Amal Saha, Bhasha Andolane Chhatra League by Abdul Alim, while two books of poems and three titles of essays on language movement were published this year.

Besides, this year Bangla Academy reprinted Bhasha Shaheed Abdus Salam by Shaheed Akter, Bhasha Shaheed Safiur Rahman by Shafikur Rahman and Bhasha Andolan o Nari by Humayun Kabir.

While talking to many publishers, they said initiatives have to be taken to make people aware of the necessity of publishing such books.

In this context, author Ahmed Rafiq said Ekushey Book Fair holds a pivotal role in upholding the respect and prestige accorded to our mother tongue. Ekushey Book Fair reminds us of the Language Movement and what happened on February 21, 1952. Publications of the many books are crucial for the education and development of younger and future generations.

The utmost responsibility an author holds is to make sure his readers are receiving a manuscript that is organised and clear, he said.

Most publishers already brought all their new books to the fair and are now expecting good sale and healthy profit at the end of the day. A total of 138 tittles came out during this year’s fair till Thursday.

This year, around 770 units have been allocated to 499 publishing houses and organisations that are to sell and exhibit their books and publications during the month-long event.

On weekdays, the fair will be open for visitors from 3:00pm and will continue till 8:30pm. On holidays, the fair will run between 11:00am and 8:30pm.