POST TIME: 21 February, 2019 00:00 00 AM
62 female workers return from Saudi Arabia
Staff Reporter, Dhaka

62 female workers return from Saudi Arabia

At least 62 female workers on Tuesday returned home from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with bitter experiences and stories of pain and suppression.

The ill-fated female workers who made a journey to the Gulf country in different times with dreams and hopes to change their lives reached Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport by a Saudi Airlines flight on Tuesday night with empty hands.    

Sources said, about 300 female workers returned from Saudi Arabia in the last two months while around 2,000 female workers had returned from Saudi Arabia being the victims of repressions last year.   

The returnee female workers most of which went to Saudi Arabia several months ago alleged that they forced to return home in the face of repression there.

A female worker preferring anonymity said she had been given one month salary against her five months works. “They (employers) resorted to carry out repression and did not provide meal if they seek salary.”

Another returnee worker said she had to return home with empty hands as she has been given only one month salary.

“Hot water was poured on us when we sought salary,” said another female worker.

The number of returnee Bangladeshi female workers is being increased despite they went to Saudi Arabia in accordance with the migration agreement between the two countries.

Meanwhile, non-government organisation BRAC said lack of security at working place and monitoring behind the increase of repression of female workers in Saudi Arabia.

ABM Farhad Al Karim, programme manager (migration) of BRAC told reporters that all 62 returnee Bangladesh have been abused to some extent.