POST TIME: 20 February, 2019 00:00 00 AM
Adventure film ‘Hridoyer Rongdhonu’ to be released tomorrow
UNB, Dhaka

Adventure film ‘Hridoyer Rongdhonu’ to be released tomorrow

Serbian actress Mina (2nd from right) speaks at the press meet. Photo l UNB

Bangla adventure film ‘Hridoyer Rongdhonu’ (Life in Rainbow) is going to be released exclusively at Star Cineplex in the capital tomorrow. In a media briefing on Monday night at a Dhaka restaurant, Director Razibul Hasan said the film was cleared for screening after two years from Bangladesh Film Censor Board on October 23 last year. “We are looking forward to the long- awaited release,” he said. Hasan said the film’s protagonist, Mina Boskan, a Serbian girl, came to Bangladesh for its promotion and would join its premiere show. “We are looking forward to a better cultural relationship between Bangladesh and Serbia. It is the first adventure film where Serbian actress Mina has played the main character,” the director added.

The other three main cast - Shams Kadir, Muhtasim Shojon, Khing Shai Mong Marma - were also present at the press conference. The adventure movie in Bangla was also premiered at 17th Dhaka International Film Festival 2019 while it was selected as ‘View Corner’ at Goa Film Bazaar last year.

Asian Institute of Media and Communication Bangladesh said its first Asian Premier was held on November 24 at QUBE 2 Hall in India tourist city Goa. ‘Life in Rainbow’ is a story of four aspiring youths (three boys and a girl). They are friends and have everything in life. One day they get a call from a mysterious character who knows everything about them. He offers them a trip, saying: “If you dare to take any challenge you can join a trip - a trip to an unknown destination!”