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Steps needed for easy potato preservation
easy potato preservation

Steps needed for easy 
potato preservation

It is encouraging to note that farming with net house system for multiplying the tissue-culture based potato seed successfully has been gaining popularity in Rajshahi region opens up a new door in the cash crop farming. According to some farmers number and acreage of the modern farming method has been enhanced significantly for the last couple of years because of its better output. The private entrepreneurs are showing interest in boosting the mother potato-seed production locally after using the modern technology instead of depending on the local seed.

 Production of potato is increasing in the country, but excess production does not always help the growers. The government should consider about the processed potato products and markets diversification in the interest of the farmers. According to sources, half of the total produced potato is kept in cold storages across the country to maintain a sustainable supply all the year long. About sixty per cent of the potato lies in the cold storages due to the downward trend of potato price. Besides, new potato starts to come to the market from December. In this situation, the farmers face problems with the potato stored in storages.  The farmers do not feel encouraged to store their potato in cold storages as the storage cost is higher than the cost of the produce.

Since potato is a perishable commodity, it has to be preserved properly. If growers do not get due prices of their produce, they will be frustrated. In that case, bumper output will be a bane for them instead of boon. If cold storages are set up in different areas of the country, farmers will be able to preserve their potato and sell the same at good prices. On the other hand, due to lack of good transportation facility potato cannot reach the outlying areas and consumers do not get it at fair prices. If bank loan is available on easy terms and conditions, many will feel encouraged to set up cold storages.

The government should take necessary measures so that the market price of potato remains uniform throughout the year and all over the country. This can be done through price control mechanism of the government.