POST TIME: 18 February, 2019 08:43:20 AM
All pvt TV channels to use satellite by May 21
Staff Reporter

All pvt TV channels to use satellite by May 21

The broadcasting of all private TV channels will be conducted via the Bangabandhi-1 satellite within the next three months as per a decision of the Association of TV Channel Owners (ATCO) yesterday. Members of the ATCO also decided to make all TV channels pay channels. The decisions were taken at an ATCO meeting at a city hotel. The meeting was held to greet ATCO president Salman F Rahman for his recent appointment as the Prime Minister’s private industry and investment adviser.

Speaking on the occasion, Rahman said he would talk with the information minister about taking a tough stance against the airing of Bangladeshi advertisements in foreign channels. The government has already issued a circular directing TV channel distributors to stop

airing foreign TV channels that broadcast advertisements of local companies. According to the circular, punitive actions, including the cancellation of no-objection certificate, permission and licence for distributing foreign TV channels, will be taken if any distributor violates the order.

Rahman said he would take every possible step to ensure that the order in the circular was implemented. The PM’s advisor also said TV channels have to take steps to face the challenge posed by online TV and IP TV. Mozammel Babu, senior vice-president of the ATCO, said that 12 channels were now using the bandwidth provided by the Bangabandhu-1 satellite.

“By May 21, all broadcasting channels will have to use the bandwidth provided by the satellite. We at ATCO have already held several meetings with the Bangabandhu Satellite Company in this regard,” he also said. This will stop the draining of money to foreign channels, he added.