POST TIME: 18 February, 2019 00:00 00 AM
No chemical fertiliser, pesticide for vegetables
Our correspondent, Noakhali

No chemical fertiliser, pesticide for vegetables

Local farmers have achieved remarkable success by farming different kinds of vegetables without using any chemical fertiliser and pesticides.

Sources in the Department of Agricultural Extension (DEA) say a total 120 hectares of land in Daganbhuiyan, Sadar and Fulgazi upazilas under Feni district have been brought under vegetables cultivation this year. Of them, 98 hectares have been cultivated applying the organic method.

 Tofel Ahmed, a marginal farmer of Mathiera, told The Independent that he had cultivated cucumbers, pumpkins and tomatoes on 10 hectares of land using the organic method. He did not use any toxic medicine to protect the crops from insects. But he has still managed to get a great yield this season.

He, however, said, he had used the light-trap method to prevent insects from damaging the crops. "This method doesn;t require any chemical fertiliser or pesticide," he added. The main production areas for winter vegetables are Kashimpur, Farhadnagor, Ilashpur and Pachgaisia.

Joen uddin, deputy director of DEA (Feni), said the light-trap method is gaining in popularity among farmers.

He expressed his satisfaction over the profit made by local farmers from vegetables production.