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Laughing out loud

Laughing out loud

The Donkey

After many years of service, Mulla Nasruddin decided to sell his donkey. He got up early and took it to the marketplace. He found a buyer easily, and sold it to the man for 40 dinars. The man immediately stepped up onto a crate and began trying to sell the donkey again. “Look at this beautiful beast!” he shouted. “Such a strong back! Such clean teeth! Such gentle eyes!” and the man went on to describe all of the donkey’s magnificent qualities, showering it with praise.

When the sales pitch ended, a woman offered him 50 dinars for the animal. Someone else said it was worth 60, and a third man offered 65. Mulla’s jaw dropped to see how interested everyone was. “I was an idiot to think it was just an ordinary donkey,” he thought to himself. “It is a marvelous creature, a true diamond…” Then he realized that the bidding had ended, and the donkey was about to be sold.  “75 dinars going once… 75 dinars going twice…”

“80 dinars!” Mulla yelled.

Mulla is Very Convincing

Mulla Nusruddin was very much in love and wanted to get married, but his mother didn’t approve of the girl because she was an atheist. “What can I do?” Mulla told his mother. “I love her, and she loves me too.”

“If she loves you, she will listen to whatever you have to say. Start talking religion to her, and she will believe you.” Mulla agreed to the plan and went off on his date with the girl.  

A few days later, Mulla ran into the kitchen and into his mother’s arms, crying like a baby. “What happened?” she asked, wiping his tears. “Our plan isn’t working?”  

“You were right,” Mulla sobbed. “I talked religion to her, and she believed me.”  “Then what is the problem?” his mother asked.

“She left me to become a nun!” cried Mulla.

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