POST TIME: 17 February, 2019 00:00 00 AM
Time to rein in the bikers

Time to rein in 
the bikers

The relevant government authorities now need to act hard against the unruly bikers who have become a great nuisance for pedestrians in the capital. The way they course their way through crowds on the footpaths or even on roads that have no footpaths, it seems that the whole of this capital has become their circus ring and the pedestrians are sorry intruders into their ring.

And when they need to stop, say before a person on the footpath, they show their arrogance like a typical thug. There is, perhaps, hardly any city in the world where motorcyclists have such a free hand. Obviously, these unruly and savage bikers need to be stopped.

Once they used to run their bikes without wearing helmets, now they are seen with helmets, thanks to the law enforcement in this regard. Quoting experts a report of this newspaper yesterday mentioned that even this protective gear used by many passengers of ridesharing services is awfully unsafe and substandard. The ridesharing companies including Uber, Pathao, Obhai and Shohoz that have started providing helmets to their riders must be safe. According to police themselves many of these helmets are actually caps worn by construction workers.

For quite some years bike sharing has become very popular because it is cheaper than CNG-driven auto-rickshaws or taxicabs and it reaches a person to his destination faster than these vehicles.

But faster or not, motorcycles must abide by the traffic disciplines, patiently wait until the green signal has been given, do not climb on the footpaths and pull their bikes through the pedestrians. It is still surprising that when they do this, the traffic police watch the matter silently taking any action against them.

It should be very clear to the traffic police that in absence of their due role, pedestrians are hugely suffering and accidents are taking place, with or without fatality. When there was no ride sharing bikes on the streets of the capital, there was traffic jams and violation of traffic rules was regular affair.

Traffic jams are still there on the streets, and off and on, drivers are seen violating traffic rules. These problems have not been solved yet. But presently, added to this are the rowdy bikers. It would not be an overstatement to say that Dhaka’s traffic system has become a messy affair. This must change.