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Showing St Martin’s in Myanmar map
It’s audacity of Myanmar, says BNP
UNB, Dhaka

It’s audacity
of Myanmar, 
says BNP

BNP yesterday alleged that Myanmar is showing St Martin's Island as part of its territory in its official map only because of Bangladesh government's a 'knee-jerk foreign policy'.

"Myanmar is repeatedly showing St Martin's Island as its territory in its map on the country's official websites. We think Myanmar is showing such audacity due to our government's knee-jerk foreign policy," said BNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi.

Speaking at a press conference at BNP's Nayapaltan central office, he also said Myanmar's such act is a direct attack on Bangladesh's Independence and sovereignty.

He said registering the country's protest by summoning the Myanmar envoy is not enough action

as the close neighbour is doing the same thing repeatedly. “The government of midnight voting is constantly being failed to protect Bangladesh’s independence and sovereignty.” The BNP leader said the government has also failed to take the issue to the global community though Myanmar is repeatedly showing the St Martin’s Island as its territory on its official websites. “The government is maintaining silence after lodging a name-only protest.”

He said the government is least bothered about the country and its sovereignty since it ‘captured’ power cowardly at the dead of night though a ‘vote robbery’.

Rizvi also said the government cannot resolve the Rohingya crisis due to its ‘subservient’ foreign policy.

The BNP leader also criticised the government as the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) filed two cases with Haripur police in Thakurgaon on Thursday night against 272 villagers over Tuesday’s clash that left three people dead.

“Even, two people —teacher Nabab Ali and farmer Sadekul Islam—killed in BGB firing were made accused in one case. Male members of the village have deserted their houses out of fear as the protectors turn predators. It seems filing cases against dead people have become a programme of the government.”

He said, “BGB is responsible for guarding the border, but they’re now killing Bangladeshis like BSF instead of discharging their main duties.”