POST TIME: 16 February, 2019 09:46:12 AM
Irfan and Tisha come up with ‘Premhin Premika’
The drama to be aired tonight on NTV
DL desk, Dhaka

Irfan and Tisha come up with ‘Premhin Premika’

Photo courtesy : Mohsin Ahmed

Irfan Sazzad and Tanjin Tisha, two popular faces of the small screen, are set to appear together on-screen in a tele-drama titled ‘Premhin Premika’ on NTV tonight at 9:05pm. The tele-drama will be aired marking the Valentine’s Day.

Topu Khan directed Premhin Premika based on the story and scripting by Kudrat Ullah. The story centres around  a lady hooligan named Iti living in a colony.

Everybody in the area fears and respects her while her accomplices are the young ladies living in the area. The entire colony runs on her words. She is the only daughter of a wealthy family whose parents do not say anything regarding their daughter’s behaviour.

One day Iti meets Shrabon and mistaking him for someone else, Iti and her gang beats Shrabon. However, after finding out their mistake, Iti tries to apologise to Shrabon. From here, the story takes a new turn as Iti starts to change her behaviour all on a sudden.

In the tele-drama, Tanjin Tisha will be seen playing the character of Iti while Irfan Sazzad will be seen portraying the character of Shrabon. The tele-drama also casts Tasnim Ema, S Junayed and Juliet, among others.