POST TIME: 13 February, 2019 09:25:08 PM
Elevating Front Camera Up. Notches, dead.
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Elevating Front Camera Up. Notches, dead.

Consumersare seeking more from their smartphones to not only to help them solve day to day tasks, but also to act as an accessory which complements their style. This striving for the best of both worlds will become even more evident in 2019, through technology upgrades and smartphone designs.

Most smartphones in the market today havetheir selfie cameras placed on the front screen itself, impacting thephone’s overall aesthetics, and reducing the size of the viewable screen.

To address this and achieve a true full-screen experience, Vivo’s engineers developed an innovative elevating front camera which is housed under the display. This world-first design was debuted in Vivo’sAPEX™ Concept smartphone, and was later made available to consumers on Vivo’s NEX in June 2018

With an elevating front camera, the selfie camera is ‘hidden’ within the phone’s display - increasing the phone’s screen-to-body ratio by removing the regular notch. For those seeking a bezel-less screen, this is the perfect option.

When entering selfie mode, the front camera isautomatically elevated, and when you’re finished, the camera will instantly retract. It can also withstand strong pulling and torsion force, and the front camera will automatically retract upon detecting an external force.

Vivo, being one of the pioneers to achieve the ultimate bezel-less display,has become an inspiration for future smartphone designs. In 2019 we can only expect new feats of smartphone design innovation in the pursuit ofbezel-lessnotch-free displays, and also making it available to mid-range smartphones, beyond the premium series.