POST TIME: 2 February, 2019 00:00 00 AM
Bamboo industry facing difficulties
Many people involved in this industry have started shifting to other professions as they do not secure a fair price for bamboo-made products

Bamboo industry facing difficulties

This recent photo shows shopkeepers selling bamboo-made products wait for customers in Kalapara upazila of Patuakhali. INDEPENDENT PHOTO

The local bamboo industry facing difficulties due to easy availability of plastic materials and lack of proper infrastructure. Many people involved in this industry have started shifting to other professions as they could not secure a fair price for bamboo-made products. In fact, bamboo-made products are faling behind plastic products in the market. This has hit hard the livelihoods of the people associated with this traditional industry. Earlier, bamboo-made goods were in great demand at both home and abroad. But with the advent of modern technology, plastic products have come to dominate the market. Plastic goods have gained widespread popularity owing to their durability and affordable prices.

In this district, the largest chunk of bamboo-made products is distributed from Bauphal upazila. But the current situation of the market has compelled many of traditional artisans to leave their age-old trade and choose other professions.

Bamboo artist Namita Rani said: "I have been working in this profession for a long time. But young people are no longer interested in this profession. The demand for bamboo-made products has declined considerably."

Jhorna Rani, another bamboo artist, said: "Bamboo prices have increased in the market. We suffer because of the fall in the demand for bamboo-made goods."

Hern Pal, a seller of bamboo-made products, said people used to work with bamboo-made baskets and stools. "Now, these products are mostly made of plastic. These are more easy to work with. So, the demand for bamboo-made goods has decreased," he added.

Pijush Chandra Dey, Bauphal upazila nirbahi officer, said that appropriate initiatives were being taken to maintain the bamboo industry under the small and cottage industries.