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Jute products draw buyers’ attention at trade fair
Sharif Ahmed, Dhaka

Jute products draw buyers’ attention at trade fair

Visitors crowd a stall that displays handicrafts of different fibers at the Dhaka International Trade Fair in the capital on Thursday. Photo Courtesy: UNB

Jute-made products with their unique, colourful designs and diversity have caught the attention of buyers at the Dhaka International Trade Fair. In recent years, the demand for these products has increased in the country. There is also diversification of products.

Like every year, the Jute Diversification Promotion Centre (JDPC) of the textiles and jute ministry has made a place for the manufacturing companies in the month-long trade fair organised at Sher-e-Bangla Nagar in the city. Stores are filled with as many local products with different designs and colour as possible to reap the benefits of the windfall.

Local organisations are displaying their stalls with jute and diversified jute products, such as bags, shoes, dolls, mats, sataranjis, shika, paposh (door mat), yarn, baskets, lamps, clothes, frame, hats, key rings, wallet, calendars, palki (palanquin), tissue box, blankets, jute and plastic and other household products.

The government’s 5th reserve pavilion has stalls of 25 small and large organisations under the Bangladesh Jute Mill Corporation (BJMC) in six districts. “Creative Connections” is participating in the fair with its unique collection.

“We have scarf made with jute and the price is Tk. 500. We do have other products like prayer mats which cost Tk. 800, followed by curtains priced at Tk. 500 each,” said Mashreka Binte Mosharrof, owner of the stall.

“We do also have collections of cushion covery made of jute,” she added. Another stall owner said door mats range from Tk. 40-100. All jute bags are priced at Tk. 500. Glass cover costs Tk. 30. All types of purse bag items are Tk. 150. Jute sandals range from Tk. 250-550, followed by key rings from Tk. 60-80. Decorative items, such as photo frames, are priced at Tk. 350, he added.                     

“We do have collection of exclusive carpets, costing Tk. 7,500,” he said.

Another stall owner, Naimul Hasan, said: “We are selling and showcasing jute mats costing Tk. 350. We are also showcasing big carpets which have a size of 4 feet by 6 feet and the price is Tk. 4,500. The price of table mat is Tk. 1,000,”     

“We have plans to market backpacks made of jute in the near future,” he added.

“Products made of jute, such as tissue box, cost Tk. 350. We also have showpiece items priced at Tk. 150 each,” said a salesperson of another stall.     

RJ Craft Limited salesman at the JDP Pavilion, Shafiqul Islam, said consumers are more interested in different types of jute bags. Bags made by the company are selling at Tk. 200-450, schoolbags for Tk. 400-500, laptop bags for Tk. 600-700 and lunch bags for Tk. 50.

The BJMC stall’s salesmen said participation in the fair is only for promotion of products. The trade fair has created a great opportunity for promoting products. They also come to know what the buyer wants.

Data provided by the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) shows that Bangladesh exported jute and jute products worth USD 421 million in the first half (July-Dec) of the 2018-19 financial year.