POST TIME: 23 January, 2019 00:00 00 AM
RU Bangla dept students face ragging

RU Bangla dept students face ragging

The first year students of Bangla department of Rajshhai University (RU) faced terrible ragging by some seniors yesterday. The ragging incident took place at 11pm at Shahidullah arts building on the campus where the senior students kept 80 freshers standing for two hours in front of the department.  “I disagree to memorise the rules as I felt sickness but seniors collectively forced me using abuse language to memorise the rules in fifty times”, said Rabin, who was traumatised due to the incident.

"They (seniors) tortured us inhumanly. They also threatened to take actions if we disclose their name, ” he said. Head of Bangla dept P M Shafiqul Islam said “Punitive action would be taken if anyone files written complaints”. Earlier, RU  authorities imposed a ban on all kinds of ragging on the campus, citing ragging a social crime that hampers the environment of the campus and it creates mental stress to the students and they also said that punitive measures will be taken if anyone is found involved in ragging on the campus.