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People spontaneously gave mandate to AL, says PM
UNB, Dhaka

People spontaneously gave mandate to AL, says PM

Prime Minister and Awami League President Sheikh Hasina (inset) waves at the large crowd of party leaders and activists who gathered on Suhrawardy Udyan in the capital yesterday to join a rally marking the landslide victory of the party in the 11th national elections. Focus Bangla Photo

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday said the people of the country spontaneously gave their verdict in favour of Awami League's manifesto in the December-30 election to free the country from terrorism, militancy, drugs, corruption, hunger and poverty, and ensure peace and development. She also said her government will devote itself to the overall balanced development of the country keeping in mind that the people of the country gave them a great honour in the election.

"The people of the country gave their ultimate verdict in favour of our election manifesto. To keep the honour of this spontaneous mandate, we'll always develop the country in a balanced way for the welfare of the people," she said. The Prime Minister made the remarks while speaking at a victory rally at historical Suhrawardy Udyan in the capital.

The ruling Awami League organised the rally to celebrate the party's landslide victory in the general election.  Sheikh Hasina mentioned that the verdict that the people gave in favour of Awami League is against terrorism, militancy, narcotics and corruption."I'll ask the public representatives who have been elected to keep in mind that fulfilling the expectations of the people is our responsibility," she said.

Mentioning that it is hard to achieve the victory but much harder to serve the people keeping that victory intact, she said, “We’ve been entrusted with that harder task. We’ve to perform that responsibility wholeheartedly. I want to remind you all,” she said.

 Sheikh Hasina, also ruling AL chief, said the people of the country gave their mandate in favour of peace and development as they want so. “They want Bangladesh to advance towards prosperity. The verdict is for making Bangladesh a hunger -and poverty -free country,” she said, adding that the people gave their mandate to continue the journey towards the light from the darkness.

“They gave their verdict to build a modern and knowledge-based Bangladesh,” she said.

The Prime Minister noted that the people want to build the country with the Liberation War spirit.”There’ll be no room on the soil of Bangladesh for the anti-liberation forces, war criminals, corrupt elements, militants and drug addicts. Bangladesh will be built with the Liberation War spirit.”

Extending thanks to all the political parties that participated in the general election, she said win and defeat are very much normal in any election.

Hasina said, “I want to make it clear that Awami League achieved the victory getting votes in favour of its electoral symbol Boat. This is true, but when we assumed the state power and when we got the responsibility to serve people and work for them, I can tell you one thing without any hesitation that our government will work for all the people irrespective of their party affiliation and opinions.”

She mentioned that the government will work for the socioeconomic uplift of all. “We’ll ensure the political rights and improve the living standard of all. We won’t look into any party and opinion as each and every citizen of the country is very much important to us,” she said.  

The Prime Minister said the country’s people gave the responsibility to Awami League to serve them. “So, I’ll thank you all and tell you that we’ll work for all, no matter who voted for and who didn’t.”

She also vowed to make the country a developed and prosperous one. “We’ll implement the pledges we made line by line,” she said.

Mentioning that building a Golden Bangladesh is the main aim of the present government, Hasina said corruption, drugs and terrorism have to be rooted out from the country alongside establishing good governance to materialise this.

 She also put emphasis on ensuring peace and security of people and sought cooperation of all.”I seek all-out cooperation from the people of the country. Let’s get united to build Bangladesh, let’s sacrifice our present for the future generation so that they could get a beautiful society and developed life, and move in the world arena keeping their heads high. We’ll do whatever necessary for this,” she said.  

Noting that the people cast their valuable votes for Awami League keeping faith in the party, the Prime Minister said she will keep the honour of it at any cost. “If needed, I’m ready to sacrifice my blood to keep the honour of the votes of the people. Let me promise to you- I’ll give the honour to the trust and dignity that have been given to us by the people of the country,” she said.  

Hasina also said she is ready to make any sacrifice to build Golden Bangladesh as dreamt by Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.  

Memebrs of the AL advisory council, presidium, central working committee, party joint secretaries, and organising secretary also spoke at the rally.  The AL general secretary read out a citation for Sheikh Hasina at the rally.