POST TIME: 13 January, 2019 00:00 00 AM
Developing rural infrastructure is vital

Developing rural infrastructure is vital

More and more agricultural infrastructure development projects should be taken to connect the country’s backward regions to the mainstream urban areas where crucial economic activities take place. If that cannot be done, balanced development of Bangladesh would not be achieved. The government’s policymakers thus should be very choosy in selecting the areas where infrastructure development, road infrastructure to be precise, is urgently needed.

It is not that underdeveloped regions are all remaining behind. According to a report published in this newspaper yesterday, the seven-year project titled ‘Sustainable Rural Infrastructure Improvement’ was implemented in 21 districts covering 140 upazilas under Rajshahi, Rangpur and Khulna divisions at a cost of around Tk 989.73 crore recently. Completion of the project is tremendously contributing to uplift people’s living and livelihood condition of rural population in the region. The projects have widened the access to markets and economic opportunities through boosting the connectivity of the rural people.  On the other side of this bright picture is the reality that often roads built by development funds are not properly built despite the fact that adequate money is sanctioned for the purpose. Due to constructional weakness, the roads soon develop gaping holes and get broken just after one monsoon. And after a few years, these roads become unusable.  A few days ago a report from Manikganj district painted this dark aspect of the rural infrastructure development. That is why it must be taken care that money spent for the development of infrastructure especially in rural areas is well spent. Repair work for broken roads in urban areas is quite often done, but in the case of the unusable rural infrastructure, different is the scenario. For repair, the users of the road have to wait for long period of time as the broken condition largely remain unnoticed by media or other monitoring agents.

Only if the thousands of villages of the country survive can Bangladesh flourish. Bangladesh will prosper if its backward rural areas prosper. And crucial in this development is creating a road network that would sustainably connect the rural economy with the urban one.