POST TIME: 8 January, 2019 00:00 00 AM
Mob beats ‘extortionist’ to death in Ctg

Mob beats ‘extortionist’ to death in Ctg

A man was beaten to death by mob at Pahartali Bazaar under Double Mooring police station in the city yesterday. The deceased, identified as Mohiuddin Sohel, 35, was reportedly a Juba League leader. The local and businessman complained that he was known as extortionist in the area and came to collect toll from them like earlier. However, the police claimed that the killings resulted to a dispute over establishing supremacy in the area.

“Sohel is an extortionist for a long time in this area. If anyone denied paying toll, he and his gang forcibly picked up the businessman from the area and released them after realising toll. Sometimes he implicated businessman with drugs with the nexus of the police,” said Nurun Nabi Talukder a local businessman. Another businessman Jahangir Alam echoed the same. On Monday morning he came to collect the toll and a businessman Osman Khan protested the extortionist and denied to give money then he assaulted him. Seeing the incident all the businessman and local people protested and beat Sohel to death on the spot, said Jahangir Alam.

 AKM Mohiuddin Selim, officer-in-charge of Double Mooring Police Station said that through there is allegation against him about collecting toll from the businessman but he was beaten to death over establishing supremacy with the local in the area.