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Wheat production by strip tillage method

Wheat production by strip tillage method

According to a report of this newspaper yesterday, agriculturists at a farmers’ field day programme arranged by the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) on Sunday afternoon under the ‘Enhancement of Crop Production through Farm Mechanisation-2nd Phase’ project at Chondipur village in Kaharol upazila of Dinajpur district have said adoption of the strip tillage method in sowing wheat seed using Power Tiller Operated Seeder (PTOS) Machine increases wheat production at reduced costs. A large number of local farmers participated in the programme arranged for practically exhibiting sowing of wheat seed adopting the strip tillage method using PTOS machine.

Strip-till is a form of minimum tillage best suited to areas where no-till is not well adapted for corn production due to cold, heavy, compacted and/or poorly drained soils. Strip tillage method allows sowing wheat seed in six lines at a time with narrow ploughing in fields without disturbing most parts of land keeping soil moisture intact for using by crop plants to become healthy and vigorous. The strip tillage method reduces soil erosion, water requirement for irrigation compared to the full tillage wheat plots with 2-3 times of ploughing along with saving time, fuel, money, energy and labour costs and 50 kg wheat seed per hectare.

Although reducing tillage intensity can provide conservation benefits and cost savings, adoption of no-till and minimum till practices for corn production has been limited in some areas. Cold, poorly drained soils and a shorter growing season there can lead to delayed planting, low and uneven emergence and lower yields for reduced conventional tillage. Strip-till has been proposed as an alternative minimum tillage system for areas and soils that are not well suited for no-till management.

It is heartening to note that foodgrain production has increased in the country substantially over the past few years. Population explosion and the shrinkage of arable lands could not leave any adverse impact on the food production in the country. Credit goes to farmers and others concerned. But there is no room for expressing complacency. Food production should be increased further for meeting the requirements.  It is expected that wheat cultivation by adopting strip tillage method that increases wheat yield at reduced costs will make farm activities more profitable.