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Siam gets married to long-term girlfriend
DL desk, Dhaka

Siam gets married to long-term girlfriend

Siam Ahmed, the much-talked-about hero of the recent times, got married to his long-term girlfriend Shamma Rushafy Abantee. The formalities of their marriage were completed at a city party centre on December 16 night.

Alongside the family members and nearest relatives, the marriage ceremony was attended by a few celebrities and directors very close to Siam.

Siam informed that Abantee has always been very supportive to him. He always gets inspiration for acting from her. Siam also sought blessing from his fans and viewers for their new journey in life.

Siam has known Abantee, sister of his friend, for about the last ten years. Beginning with friendship, the duo’s relationship transformed into a love affair over the course of time. And finally, the couple is now a man and a woman!

After completing her study, Abantee is now working as a public relation officer in an e-commerce organisation. On the other hand, Siam is completely busy with his acting career after studying law. 

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