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Jaya Ahsan attends special screening of ‘Debi’ in USA
The film is being screened in various states of USA
DL desk, Dhaka

Jaya Ahsan attends special screening of ‘Debi’ in USA

Crossing the boundary of the country, ‘Debi’, the first ever film produced by popular actress-turned-producer Jaya Ahsan, is currently being screened in the theatres of different states in the United States of America (USA). As a part of the film’s promotion, Jaya attended a special screening of ‘Debi’ in Jamaica Multiplex in New York on December 14.

With the house full of audiences, Jaya and the team ‘Debi’ paid tribute to Martyred Intellectuals Day, and dedicated the screening of the film to recently-demised veteran film personality Amzad Hossain.

Among others, audience-admired Bangladeshi actress Richi Solaiman with her husband was present at the screening of ‘Debi’. Jaya expressed her gratitude to the viewers, fans and friends for joining the show.

‘Debi’, one of the most buzzed films of the year, starring Jaya Ahsan and Chanchal Chowdhury in the lead roles, hit the cinemas in the USA in the first week of November. Following its triumph at home, the film has been running successfully over 20 theatres in different states of the USA.

Distributed by Bioscope Films in the USA, the government-grant film has set a new record among Bangladeshi films screened in the USA till now.

Directed by Anam Biswas, the film also stars Animesh Aich, Iresh Zaker and Shabnam Faria in the major roles.  

On the other hand, a press conference took place in a hall of the Long Island City after the film’s screening on that day. In the press briefing, the release of Jaya Ahsan’s new film ‘Bijoya’, a sequel to Kaushik Ganguly’s film ‘Bisorjon’, in the USA next year was announced to the media.

To note, Jaya Ahsan’s production house C tey Cinema is currently working on their second film ‘Phurut’. 

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