POST TIME: 15 December, 2018 06:26:49 PM
BGMEA chief urges workers not to be misguided by rumours
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BGMEA chief urges workers not to be misguided by rumours

Bangladesh Garments Manufacturer and Exporters Association (BGMEA) President Siddiqur Rahman on Saturday called upon the garment workers not to be misguided by the rumours spread by conspirators.

He also requested them to return to their respective workplaces at a press conference arranged by the organization on current labour situation of the RMG industry at BGMEA Bhaban in the city.

Mentioning that some factories in Ashulia and Gazipur areas were closed as the workforce refrained themselves from working for the fifth consecutive day Saturday.

Siddikur Rahman said a vested quarter has been provoking the RMG workers on their wage issue to unsettle the industry centering the imminent parliamentary election. 

BGMEA chief also requested the workers of all sectors to contact with the factory authority or BGMEA instead of observing work abstention if any confusion arises regarding the new wage board. 

“Even though the industry is not fully capable, the increases in workers’ wager have been continuous since 2010 to 2018 reaching around 381 percent. Since 2013, there has been an increase of five percent every year,” said the president. 

“There has been rumour of discrimination in the new wage board saying that every grade did not get the increment. In reality, every worker will receive increment based on their post and grade. Minimum allowance for a worker has been increased to 1850 taka from 1100 taka. Workers, whose basic salary is higher than the gazette states, will also receive ten percent increase in house rent.” 

Siddikur Rahman also mentioned that the announced minimum wages will be added with the salary of December which will be paid by January 7-10. 

“There’s no reason of protesting before receiving the government proposed salary,” he added. 

He went on by saying it should be checked that nobody can create anarchy by using the workers to thwart the election. 

BGMEA chief urged the law enforcement agencies to find and take actions against the culprits who are pitting the workers and industry owners together. 

National Garments Workers Federation President Amirul Haq Amin resonated with him saying everyone will be paid the increased salary by the first week of December and the yearly increase will continue. 

He repeated BGMEA chief’s plea saying that it is the duty of everybody to maintain peaceful environment before the election. 

He insisted that the workers should discuss with the respective factory owners to resolve any issue regarding new wage board instead of stopping production. 

He also asked them to contact the workers’ federation or BGMEA if any help is needed over the issue. 

BGMEA officials and other labour union heads, among others, were present at the conference.UNB.