POST TIME: 15 December, 2018 04:05:08 PM
Suhana has to learn the craft before thinking of acting: SRK
SRK has advised his daughter, Suhana, that she has to complete her professional studies in acting and cinema before she enters the film industry
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Suhana has to learn the craft before thinking of acting: SRK

Shah Rukh Khan has always believed in allowing his children to pursue whatever profession they would like to follow. He has been vocal for many years that he knows that his daughter Suhana wishes to take up acting.

We met him recently and during the conversation he said that Suhana was working as Assistant Director in his forthcoming film Zero and that she has other chores on the sets too.

Suhana is studying in London and learning to be an actor, for which she will also pursue studies in America.

She was in India while Zero was being shot and because she was talking of going abroad to do some project for her internship, I requested Anand sir to give her a project on our film. 

I said to her, Mere set par aa jaa yar. Tu ghar mein bhi rahegi. (Instead of going abroad why don’t you join us on our set as we too were working on our film.

That way you can stay at home too!).He adds that if she wants to become an actor she should learn everything about acting — whether it is stage, theatre, contemporary or Shakespeare.

“Once she learns the Art and the Craft, she can think of acting. Only when she has finished with her acting studies will I think about if I want to launch her,” he said.Decan Chornicle.