POST TIME: 14 December, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Separate police battalion for airport security

Separate police battalion 
for airport security

It is heartening to note that the government is going to form three more police battalions, Airport Armed Police Battalion (Battalion-13) to ensure the security at the country’s airports, and Battalion-14 and Battalion-16 to ensure security of the forcibly displaced Myanmar citizens known as Rohingyas. Under the proposed Airport Armed Police Battalion, four different wings—Headquarters Wing, Legal, Media and training Wing, Special Operations Wing and Operation Wing would be formed. The Airport Armed Police Battalion would be entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring overall security of the airport by preventing subversive acts, illegal trespass of unwanted and unauthorised persons, preventing luggage pilferage and protecting passengers from any sort of harassment.

The battalion members will also be responsible for gathering intelligence and identifying criminals utilising state of the art technologies in different sections of the airports, including arrival and departure parking areas, conveyor belts, hangars and tarmacs areas. As a matter of fact, police can curb crimes substantially if they so desire. For that, police should be adequately equipped to face criminals. Criminals are applying new tactics to evade police vigilance. Numerous crimes are being committed at the airports in recent times. There is hardly any let-up in gold smuggling. Police should be numerically strengthened and properly trained to outmaneuver the criminals. The Airport Armed Police Battalion would independently take care of airport security under the guidance of the Chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh.

There is a traditional notion that police can never be friends of people. This notion has gained currency due to the incidents of harassment and torture perpetrated on the innocent people by a section of corrupt policemen. Police authorities should take it into account and do the needful. Police will get more cooperation from people if a proper environment of mutual respect and trust is created. Police should go ahead with the policy of ‘punishing the evil and rearing the good’ to achieve their desired goal. People will also have to abide by the laws of the land and cooperate with police in the greater interest of the state. The government has a due role to play in bridging the wide gap between the police and the taxpayers. If police work honestly and sincerely they will get more cooperation from people.