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US politicians accept Rohingya genocide

US politicians accept Rohingya genocide

In what can be a development from the recent declaration by the Holocaust Memorial Museum over the calculated persecution of Rohingys in Rakhine, members of US House of Representatives will pass a resolution clearly stating the atrocities committed as genocide. Remarkably, in order to pass the resolution, members of both sides, Democrats and Republicans have united.

This is indeed a move forward in bringing the military controlled civilian government in Myanmar to accept the misdeed which it has consistently tried to cover up, using prevarication and outrageous obfuscation. At this moment, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that a period of terror and horror dawned upon the Rohingya minority with the cognizance of the government plus the calculated planning and execution by the military.

The UN independent report, released more than a month ago, stated unequivocally that there was a purge operation carried out by the Burmese army under the leadership of top generals.

Disturbingly, the core problem in the Rohingya imbroglio is Myanmar’s pig headed stance to deny that any crime was committed in Rakhine. Regrettably, the civil face of the government, led by Aung San Suu Kyi, also plays to the tune of the military, resorting to euphemisms and downright denials of atrocities.  In such a state, with so much evidence, the next move would be to put pressure on Burma in the forms of sanctions. Surprisingly, the USA is one step ahead in putting embargoes on Iran but is seen to be lethargic in seriously and decisively acting on the plight of the Rohingyas.  The same sense of apathy is noted in the case of all major global players. The standard policy seems to be to provide aid to the Rohingyas living in Bangladesh while shunning the issue of firm action.  

Such aloofness raises questions as to the genuine desire of so-called champions of human rights to address the ceaseless degradation of an ethnic minority. Terming the gross mistreatment of the Rohingya as genocide by US lawmakers is laudable, however, for creating an improved life and long term security, stern measures are essential.

Shockingly, the regional powers, India and China, are also silent on the issue, with neither country ever directly admonishing Burma for the transgressions. At this moment, some country must put humanity above commercial interests and impose biting sanctions so Myanmar stops treating the horror they unleashed as some sort of game.