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RMG factories make huge progress in safety: Alliance
UNB, Dhaka

RMG factories make huge progress in safety: Alliance

The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety says readymade garment factories affiliated with it have made remarkable headway in improving safety over the last five years. "Maintaining this progress must remain an ongoing effort-and for our member brands, it will remain a top priority long beyond the Alliance's departure," Alliance Executive Director Jim Moriarty was quoted as saying in a statement released yesterday. Alliance unveiled its fifth and final annual report on Thursday.

US Ambassador Earl R Miller appreciated the achievement, saying Washington would continue to "strongly support" the brands' efforts to monitor safety and empower workers in their factories. "With this work, the Alliance has set a standard for the industry to follow in Bangladesh," he said. Alliance is a legally binding, five-year commitment to improve safety in Bangladeshi RMG factories, one of two signed with foreign buyers. While Alliance is maintained with North American (mostly US, Canada) buyers, the other, Accord is with European buyers. It was organised in 2013 after the collapse of the Rana Plaza in which over 1,000 people - mostly RMG workers - were killed. The incident took place only 5 months after a deadly fire at the Tazreen Fashions garment factory left over 100 people dead.