POST TIME: 11 December, 2018 12:23:43 PM
Aliens may have already visited Earth: Nasa scientist
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Aliens may have already visited Earth: Nasa scientist

NASA computer scientist Silvano Colombano believes that aliens with super intelligence may have already visited Earth but human beings may have been too caught up with their assumptions to notice it. A paper written by the scientist working in Nasa's Ames Research Centre has caught the attention of all recently. The link of the paper is available on Nasa's official website. 

It needs to be emphasised that Colombano doesn't have any definite proof regarding it. However, he believes, "I simply want to point out the fact that the intelligence we might find and that might choose to find us (if it hasn’t already) might not be at all be produced by carbon-based organisms like us". 

The paper doesn't say that aliens are there for sure, but is rather a call of action to much more aggressive approach without our set sense of assumptions and also bats for serious enquiry into UFOs by isolating the signal from the noise. 

According to Colombano, Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence  (SETI) has shown open thinking for a possible breakthrough owing to advanced scientific technology now available to us.

He says,. "... our form of life and intelligence may just be a tiny first step in a continuing evolution that may well produce forms of intelligence that are far superior to ours and no longer based on carbon 'machinery'.

I think the approach the scientific community could take, instead, is very similar to what SETI has done so far: find the signal in the noise," explains Colombano."In the very large amount of "noise" in UFO reporting there may be "signals" however small, that indicate some phenomena that cannot be explained or denied."

Finally, he wants four assumptions to be revisited:

1.  Interstellar travel is impossible or highly unlikely

2. Radio waves continue to be the major form of communication for thousands or millions ofyears.

3/ Intelligent civilizations would be based oncarbon life

4. have not been, and are not being… visited

Will NASA take the leap of faith and go along with the suggestions made by their scientist. We may never get to know!DNA India.