POST TIME: 7 December, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Barred from travelling abroad for treatment
Alleges JP chief Ershad

Barred from 
travelling abroad 
for treatment

Jatiya Party (JP) chairman HM Ershad alleged that he was barred from travelling and taking treatment abroad. “I am becoming older, but not getting proper treatment. I am even barred from flying abroad for treatment,” the JP chief told party activists. The erstwhile President addressed his supporters, sitting inside his car parked in front of his Banani political office yesterday. Ershad had suddenly appeared in his Banani political office at about 12.15pm but didn’t enter the office.

“I don’t fear death. No one can resist me and will never till my death. I will move forward,” Ershad, who is also special envoy to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, said. "JP will survive among you," he told the gathering, adding, “I will, too, survive. Don’t fear and move forward. JP is a pro-election party and it will take part in the upcoming national polls.”

He urged party leaders and activists to help the new secretary-general of the party. “I have given responsibility to the new secretary-general. I love the old secretary-general like my son. You (party leaders and activists) should also learn to love the new secretary-general and cooperate him. Everything now depends on the leaders and activists. Don’t leave me,” the JP chief said. Help and assist the old secretary-general alongside the new secretary-general, he added.