POST TIME: 7 December, 2018 00:00 00 AM
UPDF leader surrenders in Khagrachhari

UPDF leader surrenders in Khagrachhari

A circle director of the United Peoples Democratic Front (UPDF) has surrendered after handing over arms and ammunition to Mohalchhari zone commander Lt.Col. Mostak yesterday morning. He was identified as Anando Chakma alias Porichit, son of Mono Ranjan Chakma of Dighinala in Khagrachhari district. He has sought security for his life and property from the government and law enforcement agencies.

Director of Justice & Organization of UPDF Anando Chakma has spoken of horrific experiences of his life with arms in the jungles to reporters on Thursday afternoon at Khagrachari Press Club.He said he had spent the last 36 years in the jungle with PCJSS, PCJSS (Manobendra Larma) and UPDF. But during last four years, he was with UPDF to ensure ethnic people's basic rights, land rights, human rights, status, recognition and protection of heritage. “But I have seen nothing. No organization has done anything to serve the interest of the hill people. No leader is working for the hill people, everybody is for themselves,” he said.

"Jungle life is not normal life, is not a desired life, is not human life,” he said adding that it’s horrific, without peace, and uncertain.”“I urged all misled leaders, who are with UPDF, to return in normal life, to work with mainstream peoples and state.