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Eat more eggs
Frozen salted eggs, egg chips can be produced and marketed in our country. Use of eggs in face mask, leather cleaner, nail revitaliser, hair treatment can also be tested
Shah Alam Kabir Pramanik

Eat more eggs

From before birth to later life and during childhood, adulthood there is no alternative of protein and undoubtably, egg is champion in fulfilling the needs of protein in each stage of human life from 0 to 100+. In August 2018, 146.11 crore eggs were produced by the poultry farms in Bangladesh (Source: DBC news, Bangladesh). In Bangladesh, now the total population is 166.37 million (Approximately). Different Recognized Health Organizationstates that an individual need to consume 4 to 5 eggs in par week. In our country the consumption habit of egg is below standard, an individual consumes 2 to 3 (Average) eggs par week. Another statistic shows that in Bangladesh, on an average an individual consumes 90 to 94 eggs par year. According to health and nutrition experts every one requires to consume at least 104 eggs par year (2 eggs par week). According to statistics Bangladesh requires 144.60 crore eggs par month to meet the minimum demand. As Bangladesh has moved from lower income country to middle income country, it has to ensure proper nutrition for itshabitants. To ensure to sustainable goal good health and well-being, Bangladesh requires to increase its egg production and government should expand its hand to invest in poultry industry.

Nutritious, sustainable and affordable eggs at every stage has got attention in this year world egg day, which was observed a few days back. But surprisingly if we look at the poultry industry of our country it gives us surprised news. Let’s back in 2017, the egg price was 4.10-4.70 (each egg) which was much lower than the production cost of Tk. 5.5 (average). In the year 2016-2017 the number of farms rose because at that time they did not incur losses. In 2018, the large number of farms have stooped their production because due to high feed cost and trap of intermediaries.They did not get the fair price may even not get the production cost and results in high price of egg. In October 2018, the market price of each egg is Tk. 8.50-9.00.

Is it affordable to our country? We should not think only about the higher income and middle-income people of the country, apart from these we should think about the lower income segments who keep our economic wheel moving. It’s the duty of our government to ensure the nutrition of lower income segment. In this case, poultry industry can help the government to achieve the goal and simultaneously government should extend their supporting hands to revitalize the poultry industry.

The term sustainability simply refers that meeting the needs of present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Due to lower price of the product (actually the producer gets), impact of parasites (middleman), high price of feed and lack of knowledge of diseases and treatment the poultry farm owners are forced to stop their business. If it goes on as usual our country will face the challenge of malnutrition. The price of eggs and chicken meat will rise and that will not be a pleasant situation for our country.

To make our poultry industry sustainable PPP (Public Private Partnership) strategy can be implemented remarkably where Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock can play significant role. The ministry may arrange different agreements with the poultry farm owner where they will provide different facilities like quality feeds, medicines and treatment and obviously take the portion of profits/losses as per agreement. That may ensure the affordable and sustainable protein for us and for our future generations.

Another strategy, subcontracting can be a viable way to make survive our small poultry farm owners. Where the giant farms in the industry will make contract with the small farms where the giant farms will provide necessary supports to the small farms to sustain in the industry in return they will take the percentage of profits/ losses. It’s the corporate apathy of the giant farms towards small scale farms. The giants have faced lot of experiences, challenges throughout their journey and that experiences and struggles will be shared with the small-scale farms.

Apart from these we should think about expansion of the industry. Diversification may be another strategy where entrepreneurs can play significant role to make the industry sustainable. For example,we can say the new usage of the poultry product should be found out. Egg has been used in producing different products like baking items, in culinary uses and so on. In Bangladesh we may try to find the new usage of eggs. Frozen salted eggs, egg chips can be produced and marketed in our country. Use of eggs in face mask, leather cleaner, nail revitalizer, hair treatment can be tested in our country.  Eggs in producing glue and eggs as a fertilizer for expensive plants might have potentiality for Bangladesh, that should be checked out.

Where we stop or end, entrepreneurs start from there. Generally, we throw out the eggshell as we think it is wastage.  Really is it wastage? Eggshells are rich in calcium and other minerals that may be exploited. Eggshell has surprising usage and benefits.

It can be used in baking industry,in crafting,in mosaic frame, in pot cleaning,for bird feeds, fertilizer, for indoor plants droopyand so on. The opportunities should be exploited and converted into feasible business in our country that will create more employment opportunities.

Finally, the author would like to conclude that by implementing PPP (Public Private Partnership), subcontracting and diversification the sustainable poultry industry can be built which will ultimately create new entrepreneurs and ensure affordable and sustainable protein for Bangladesh.

The Writer is Lecturer, Department of Marketing, Islamic University, Kushtia, Bangladesh Email: shahalampk22@gmail.com