POST TIME: 12 October, 2018 12:54:23 PM
Make your perfume last all day long
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Make your perfume last all day long

Apply perfume on these points to make it last longer

Everyone likes the idea of smelling great all day long. From investing in good perfumes to mixing it with lotions, there are a lot of hacks that promise to give you the most of your fragrance. However, what really matters is where to apply the perfume. Yes, you read that right. A few points on our body can actually make the perfume diffuse better and make you smell good all day! Here are the four pulse points, where you should always spritz some perfume! 

Inside the elbow

All of us end up applying perfume on the wrist. However, the better pulse point is actually inside the elbow. This point emanates heat and helps to make your perfume last longer.

Behind your ears

Spraying perfume behind the top of the ears can help it to diffuse better and last longer. This spot tends to get oily, which helps to hold the perfume better. 

Belly button

The belly button radiates a lot of heat, which makes it a perfect spot for perfume. So, the next time you're applying the perfume, make sure you spray it on your belly button too!

Behind the knees

Just like applying perfume inside your elbows, you need to apply the perfume behind your knees too! This area is oilier than other spots and can hold perfume for a longer time. 

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