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Ensuring rights of girl children

Ensuring rights 
of girl children

The speakers at a human chain programme in Lalmonirhat recently, on the occasion of the National Girl Child Day-2018 and Child Marriage Prevention Day-2018, stressed the need for ensuring rights of girl child and preventing early marriage for their normal growth and make them worthy citizens. The speakers discussed negative impacts of child marriage that shatter life of the adolescents at their premature age hindering their normal growth and flourishing latent talents.

Women constitute half of the total population of the country. Development of the country greatly depends on them. Today’s girl children are future women. But only their numerical strength will not do if their participation in the mainstream development activities is not ensured. There is no denying the fact that they are going ahead defying various limitations confronting them. Their exposure to the different sectors of life, particularly the RMG industry, has opened up a wide avenue for them. This has helped them achieve solvency for them and provide economic support to their families.  

The government should ensure equal rights, safety and security of all girl children, their education and health care and stopping early marriage and violence against female children to make them worthy citizens. Necessary assistance should be extended to all girl children to flourish their latent talents and eradicate prevailing discriminations and inequalities for ensuring their safety, security and equal participation in the nation building activities. Every girl child should enjoy equal rights to become worthy citizen for contributing to every sphere of the social, political, economic and national arena for accelerating development.

But the fact remains that scores of women are still suffering due to violence perpetrated on them by their male counterparts. Gender discrimination has bedeviled many a woman. Vast womenfolk in rural areas of the country are still leading sub-human life due to abysmal poverty, illiteracy, curse of early marriage, pangs of premature motherhood and dowry. Deserted by husbands, many hapless women have to earn for survival. In many cases fair wages and remunerations elude them. It is the responsibility of the authorities concerned for ensuring proper wages for them.

The unemployed nut educated young women should be imparted training, particularly on computer operating and ICT, throughout the country for expanding their job opportunities. Those who are not educated should be given training on poultry farming, cattle rearing and similar other jobs. In this way the unemployment problem facing them can be solved greatly. Small women entrepreneurs should be provided with loans on easy terms and conditions.