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No pre-primary teachers in 26,000 govt schools

No pre-primary teachers in 26,000 govt schools

As many as 26,000 government pre-primary schools do not have teachers of their own and are looked after by teachers of primary schools. Primary and mass education ministry sources say primary school teachers are being given a seven-day training course on teaching for looking after pre-primary school students. But the ministry feels that such a situation cannot be allowed to continue for long. So, it has taken initiatives to recruit 26,000 teachers to fill the vacant posts.

The sources say it is difficult for the teachers to look after pre-primary and primary schools together at a time when primary schools are suffering from a shortage of teachers. The National Education Policy 2010 laid the utmost emphasis on pre-primary schooling for children’s mental and physical upbringing. It says preparatory education with other fellow-mates will create an enthusiasm for learning in children. The policy also says that the posts of teachers and the number of classrooms will be increased in every school to facilitate pre-primary schooling. But this is an expensive endeavour and its realisation would require a long time. So, the task will be implemented in phases.

Considering these matters, the ministry is actively trying to recruit teachers for pre-primary schools. The ministry says the process has already started. The posts have been created by the public administration. Now, the finance ministry is working on the financial aspect of the matter. According to the sources, a circular in this regard would be issued soon after getting the finance ministry's clearance. They said it may not be possible to recruit 26,000 teachers under the fourth Primary Education Development Programme (PDPE-4) at a time. However, they express hope to do so in phases.

Around Tk. 546 crore would be needed annually to pay 26,000 pre-primary school teachers, the sources added. “We don’t have any teachers in 26,000 pre-primary schools. Assistant teachers of primary schools look after these schools at present. These teachers are given an induction training of seven days to teach at pre-primary schools,” Gias Uddin Ahmed, additional secretary (development) of the primary and mass education ministry, told The Independent yesterday.

“We’ve started the process. The matter is now under the consideration of the finance ministry. Once the finance ministry gives the clearance, we’ll issue a circular for recruitment,” he added. He said teachers were needed to groom students at the primary level. So, the aim of the government is to ensure quality education since the beginning of their life, he added.