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Turongomi to stage dance-drama ‘Waterness’ October 5
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Turongomi to stage dance-drama ‘Waterness’ October 5

Turongomi Repertory Dance Theatre will stage its highly acclaimed production ‘Waterness’, the first ever dance theatre in Bangladesh, at the amphitheatre in the capital’s Hatirjheel project on October 5.

The theatre production is written by Dhiman Bhattacharya from India, while eminent Bangladeshi dance artiste Pooja Sengupta is in the direction, alongside coming up with its main concept, design and dance direction.

Dance theatre is a different art form and hence it is requested not to confuse it with Dance Drama. Dance Theatre is a distinctive genre of dance which aims to break down the barriers between dance, theatre, mime, and most of all, to communicate ideas and feelings without any pretensions. One of its most effective tools is honesty and openness.

‘Waterness’ is a dance theatre based production that will attempt to find relation between water and the woman. As a medium of expression and storytelling it aims to capture the creative journey of Rabindranath Tagore from 1890 -1941. The trajectory that they try to trace in this production is the major shift in the nature of creations by Tagore in post ‘Manashi’ period. They feel this shift in tone is a reflection of the innermost negotiations of the Poet who was juggling with various responsibilities during the time we have tried to capture.

The vast expanse of the Padma made him realize the insignificance of human ego. When he failed to visit Padma, Kopai became prominent in his composition. The home and world met on the banks. The signifier and the signified enters into an eternal struggle to impose order, meaning… but the poet comes out of this by exploring multiple avenues of abstraction… which is well captured in his paintings. The production is bilingual, i.e. in Bengali and English, with duration of 45 minutes.

Where: Amphitheatre, Hatirjheel

When: 7:30pm, October 5

Photo : jaki zaman