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Bangladesh-China youth camp kicks off in Kunming

Bangladesh-China youth camp kicks off in Kunming

Campers present gifts to Yunnan University. Photo by Guanxi Ruyi

On September 4th, the opening ceremony of the 2018 Bangladesh-China Youth Camp was held in Kunming. The 158 campers were divided into four groups: the Embassy Group, the NorthSouth University Group, the Dhaka University Group and the Shanto-Mariam Confucius Classroom Group. They are engaged in an exchange programme at Yunnan University in southwest China’s Yunnan Province from September 2nd to16th.

During the opening ceremony, some representatives of Bangladeshi students gave speeches, and while others performed traditional Bangladeshi dances, Chinese kungfu and Chinese songs. The leaders of Yunnan University also unveiled the scholarship programmes and new admission policies for students.

The camp is jointly sponsored by the Chinese Embassy in Bangladesh and the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban). Overall organization was conducted by Yunnan University. Last year, the two-week even introduced 144 campers to the charming traditional cultures of Yunnan.

“My name is Limu. I love Yunnan very much. I love its mild weather and natural beauty,” said Maria Sultana Limu, a freshman of the CRI-SMF Confucius classroom. This is not the first time she has been to China. Her father is Chinese and her mother is Bangladeshi. She has been studying Chinese for a year, and her pronunciation is very good. She hopes to learn more about the history and culture of Yunnan. “Many Bangladeshi people are studying Chinese. I hope to teach Chinese in my country, but at present my biggest aspiration is to come to China and attain a university education.”

Yunnan Province and Bangladesh are close to each other and have been on maintain good relations. In 2005, Kunming and Chittagong became sister cities. Since then, people-to-people exchanges and economic cooperation efforts between Yunnan and Bangladesh have been on the rise.

According to Zhang Li, deputy president of Yunnan University, the university has been maintaining a friendly relationship with Bangladeshi universities for many years. Both sides have carried out in-depth cooperation in establishing the construction of Confucius Institutes, and promoting the arts, geosciences and, as well as environmental and water resources protection. “During this event, I hope that Bangladeshi students will fall in love with the Chinese language and our country. We also welcome you to study at our university with open arms,” said Zhang Li.

The campers will also go to Jianshui County of Honghe Prefecture to further experience the Chinese culture and understand the concept of innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development.