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Ancient Mosque Found
M Nazmul Hassan

Ancient Mosque Found

Archaeologists are always trying to discover evidence of our ancient society, which is witness to our past lifestyles and activities. They follow different types of techniques to search for this kind of evidence following local myths, popular stories, textual evidence and lots of other ways. But most of the time, local people play an important role in finding such kind of evidence, especially structural remains.  

In Bangladesh, there are many ancient mosques. Most of the mosques were built in Sultani and Mughal eras, during the medieval age of Bengal history. After a long time, different reasons, like human activity and environmental change, caused many of the mosques to be abandoned, like Chhoto Sona Masjid, Bagha Masjid, Kusumba Masjid, Sura Masjid and so on.

Recently, local people at Chhoto Sundor village in Chadpur upazila discovered an abandoned ancient mosque.

According to the local villagers, the mosque is built with burnt bricks, sand, lime and surkhi (trass or brick dust). There are remnants of four minars (towers) around the mosque. The mosque measures s 15 ft by 16 ft (4.5m by 5m). There is a mihrab (niche) on one of the walls. This mosque has one dome, which is an important addition to South Asian architecture. While a dome is not a requirement for a mosque like the mihrab, a dome does have significance as a symbolic representation of heaven.

After discovering the mosque, local people are gathering to see the structure, which is not safe. The Department of Archaeology should properly secure and preserve the heritage site, as it represents our glorious history.


The writer is a student at Department of Archaeology, Comilla University.

Photos: Courtesy.