POST TIME: 13 September, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Rajshahi Division
89 warehouses built to preserve food

89 warehouses built to preserve food

RAJSHAHI: The food department constructed 89 more warehouses at a cost of Taka 230 crore, increasing the storage capacity of 1, 13,500 metric tons in Rajshahi division during the last couple of years, reports BSS.

The department has also repaired and renovated some other existing food warehouses with an estimated cost of Taka 50 crore.

With the construction of new warehouses, its total number stood at 512 in the division, enhancing the storage capacity to 4, 01,950 metric tons at present, said Md Muniruzzaman, regional controller of food here yesterday.

 “We purchased 32 lakh metric tons of rice, 3.23 lakh metric tons of paddy and 3.93 lakh metric tons of wheat at a total cost of around Taka 11,135 crore during last nine and half years,” he added.

He said the department also distributed 17.57 lakh metric tons of rice and 6.27 lakh metric tons of wheat to various stakeholders to mark different festivals during the period.

The department has already started providing rice to more than 7.73 lakh extreme poor families at a rate of Tk 10 per kilogram (kg) in all eight districts under Rajshahi division, he continued.

The selected card holders are getting 30 kilograms of rice every month through village ration dealers under the ‘Food Friendly Programme’.

The government wants to provide food support to the extreme poor families during the crisis period. That’s why “We need a good number of warehouses to preserve food so it can be used in crisis time,” Muniruzzaman said.

About selling rice at Tk 10 per kg under ‘Food Friendly Programme’, he said for every 500 families, a village ration dealer has been appointed for distributing the rice smoothly while the widows and physically challenged people are getting priority in the programme.

The food controller also said the rice selling programme at Tk 10 per kg will continue for three months from September to November.

He, however, vowed to take punitive measures against those involved in any irregularities regarding the programme.