POST TIME: 13 September, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Call for taking initiatives to curb child trafficking

Call for taking initiatives to curb child trafficking

Speakers at a consultation on ‘To protect children under National Plan of Action (2018-2022) to combat human trafficking’ called for taking a coordinated initiative to combat human trafficking with special focus on child trafficking.

Stressing the need for giving priority to child protection, they said, it is difficult for the government alone to handle the task. Combined efforts by the government and non-government organisations (NGOs) would help protect the rights of trafficking victims, ensure their rehabilitation and effective trial of traffickers, they added.      

Several ministries are now working for preventing human trafficking under National Plan of Action. NGOs are eager to contribute to the task being involved with the government, said Rafiqual Islam Khan, manager (legal and policy support) of INCIDIN Bangladesh, while presenting the keynote paper at CIRDAP auditorium in the capital yesterday.

Joint initiatives by the government and NGOs would help create more mass awareness and further strengthen the anti-trafficking activities, he said.  

Abu Muhammad Yousuf, additional secretary of Ministry of Social Welfare, who attended as the chief guest urged the NGOs to set up safe homes for trafficking victims along with the government.

“The NGOs can jointly work with the government in this regard. If necessary, the government would provide most of the fund”, he said.           

INCIDIN Bangladesh, on behalf of Prevention of Child Traļ¬ƒcking through Strengthening Community and Networking (PCTSCN) Consortium, organised the programme supported by TdH-Netherlands.

Chaired by Moslema Bari, executive director of Community Participation and Development (CPD), Badrul Lyle, deputy director, Khondokar Golam Sorrower, assistant director (medical), Belal Hossain, assistant director (UCD) of Department of Social Welfare, spoke on the occasion.