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Recruitment of teachers
Public varsity VCs propose entry test for lecturers
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Public varsity VCs propose entry test for lecturers

Vice-chancellors (VCs) of public universities yesterday (Wednesday) proposed holding of an entry test for recruiting teachers as lecturers. This, they said, would help select better teachers without any influence.

They also suggested incentives for teachers doing outstanding research work and creating new knowledge. They proposed implementation of the uniform and clustered system of student admission in the universities, along with the uniform policy for teachers.

The VCs said the peer review and impact factor for publication work should be made clear in the uniform policy for teachers’ recruitment and promotion, as many subjects do not have the impact factor.

The proposals came at a workshop on the "Uniform policy for teachers’ recruitment, promotion/posting in the public universities", organised by the University Grants Commission (UGC) at its auditorium in the capital.

Education minister Nurul Islam Nahid was present as chief guest, while UGC chairman Prof. Abdul Mannan was present as special guest. Among others, UGC members were also present. The additional secretary of the Secondary and Higher Education Division, Abdullah Al Hasan, presided over the workshop.

The UGC, in consultation with the teachers' association and other teachers, formulated a uniform policy for teachers’ recruitment, promotion/posting in public universities in 2017, but it has not been put to practice due to opposition to various provisions.

In such a situation, the UGC again called upon the teachers to give their opinion before making it final so that it can be implemented fully from next year.

Although there is some opposition against the uniform policy as the rules and regulations, facilities of all public universities are not the same. All the invited VCs felt the need for a policy for it. They also suggest that the government and UGC should formulate a uniform policy for recruitment and promotion for employers and employees of the universities.

The VCs of agriculture universities and engineering and science and technology universities said their recruitment process is different from the general universities. In the engineering universities, teachers are recruited having only Bachelor of Science degree, but the existing policy said post graduation is necessary. The VCs demanded a change here.

Bangladesh Open University VC Prof. Abdul Mannan said: “There should be examination and demonstration test while recruiting teachers at the entry level.”

Echoing Abdul Mannan, VC of National University, Prof. Harun Or Rashid, said: “Teachers' recruitment at the entry level should be made compulsory.”

About peer review and impact factor, he said: “It’s a vague idea. It does not cover all things. It should be made specific in the policy. Besides, the teachers who are doing outstanding research should be given incentives either from the government funds or from the university.”

Jahangirnagar University VC Prof. Farzana Islam, Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University VC Prof. M Abul Kashem, Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University VC Prof. AHM Mustafizur Rahman, and others also proposed written test and demonstration for recruitment of teachers.

President of the Federation of Bangladesh University Teachers' Association, ASM Maksud Kamal, said: “The association did most of the task for the formulation of the uniform policy. All things have not come here. So it has not been implemented yet. We hope it will be revised again after consultation with all agriculture and engineering universities”

Jagannath University VC Prof. Mijanur Rahman said according to the current policy, the minimum qualification for application at the entry level as lecturers is 3.5 out of 4 CGPA in graduation and post-graduation, but some universities break the rules.

Rajshahi University VC Prof. M Abdus Sobhan said the results of graduation and post-graduation should be given importance instead of Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) levels because many students do better in higher education.

Islamic University VC Prof. Harun Ur Rashid Askari said an erratic system prevails in teachers' recruitment and students' admission. There should be a unique system.

“The commercialisation of education has to be stopped. Evening courses in universities are creating problems for the mainstream education in the universities. Teachers are giving more time to the evening programme rather than mainstream teachings,” he added.

The education minister said the uniform policy is a primary document that would be finalised after consultation with all and then made compulsory.

He also said the universities would create new knowledge through research that would help all for development of the country.

The UGC chairman said there is no scarcity of funds for research, but some universities are not doing research properly.