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Natasha dreams of opening fashion institute
Actress-turned-designer spends birthday with family today
DL reporter

Natasha dreams of opening fashion institute

Today is the birthday of audience-admired actress and fashion designer Natasha Hayat. The fashion designer informed DhakaLive that she is going to spend the day with her family, her adored children and dearest ones. However, as Natasha spends most of the time in her fashion studio ‘Irises Designer Studio’, she dreams of taking her fashion studio to the international arena. Alongside, she dreams of opening a fashion institute in the country.

Natasha Hayat said, “Based on my own experience, I can say that the theory behind success is to create individuality and always keep trying. My future goal is to open a fashion institute and create a link with Eastern and Western industries. And, bringing international recognition for our works and I will continue to walk on this path.”

At the beginning, when her elder sister Bipasha Hayat began her acting career, Natasha used to design her sister’s dresses. The siblings initiated their fashion journey by establishing ‘Irises Designer Studio’ in 2008. However, the fashion house went on a break for four years and it was reopened in 2013 in Green Road of the capital with the association of Roksana Akter. After its popularity increase, ‘Irises Designer Studio’ opened its second outlet a few months ago in Banani as well.

Currently, Bipasha Hayat is working as the brand ambassador of the fashion house.

Upon asking about her acting arena, Natasha said, “I have acted for a very short amount of time because of my father’s desire. However, acting did not really suit me. As I have two children, I wanted to choose a profession which will give me enough time to be there for my children. I am really happy with the current position of my fashion house.”