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Saberi Alam and Jitu Ahsan share birthday today
DL reporter

Saberi Alam and Jitu Ahsan share birthday today

Popular TV artistes Saberi Alam and Jitu Ahsan shared screen together for the first time in Badrul Anam Soud’s tele-drama ‘Simanto’. Later, they shared screen multiple times in a number of dramas under the same director. Apart from sharing screen time to time, the artistes also share one other thing, and that is their birthday. Today is the birthday of Saberi Alam and Jitu Ahsan.

DhakaLive has news that both the artistes wish each other on their birthday. Saberi Alam and Jitu Ahsan have planned to spend the day with their dearest ones.

Usually, Saberi Alam’s birthday has not been celebrated since 2001 as her younger brother Ahir Alam died in a tragic road accident on September 11 in the same year. After that the actress never celebrated her birthday, but until her husband was alive, he used to do something on her birthday. The actress informed that her elder sister and her family members will come to her house for lunch today.

Saberi Alam said, “After Ahir’s death, I do not celebrate my birthday.  My husband used to do something on this day when he was alive. So, there is no plan on my birthday today.  I want blessing from everyone on my birthday that I would be able to live a healthy life and continue my acting. And also, many happy returns to Jitu Ahsan.”

On the other hand, Jitu Ahsan will spend a busy day with his personal works. However, he will spend the evening with his family and enjoy dinner with them outside home.

Jitu Hasan said, “I will be very busy with some personal works for the whole day for which there is no celebration on my birthday.  I want blessing from everyone so that I can live a healthy and happy life with everyone.”

Photo courtesy : Arif Ahmed