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A decade of Apurba’s acting career
DL reporter

A decade of Apurba’s acting career

Audience-admired TV actor Ziaul Faruq Apurba is the ultimate example in the showbiz that an artiste with intentness, love and persistence for acting can hold his popularity even for a decade (12 years). Back in 2006, Apurba made his debut with Gazi Rakayet-directed drama serial ‘Biyer Galpo’. Like his very first project, he is still very popular in the same way and his popularity has been increasing day by day. Today, Apurba is the most popular actor in TV dramas of the country.

Not only at home, Apurba is also very popular among the viewers in abroad. Even the viewers of Kolkata watch Apurba-starrer tele-dramas and telefilms on YouTube regularly.

Taking acting his profession, Apurba continued working dedicatedly putting his maximum effort. As a result, he could be able to make such a successful position in the world of acting today. It can be said that Apurba, as a top actor, ruled the field of TV drama over the last one decade.

About his successful journey of one decade in acting, Apurba said, “I must express my gratitude to the almighty Allah for giving me a beautiful life and also my parents for bringing me into this world.”

“I would like to thank my first television commercial (TVC) director Amitabh Reza, my first drama director Gazi Rakayet, directors Chayanika Chowdhury and Shihab Shahin and other directors who made their dramas with me. I am also grateful to the young directors of this time who are making dramas casting me in different roles.”

“I also express my gratitude to actress Tarin, who co-starred in many of my dramas and has always been very cordial to me. I want to thank Aupee Karim and others artistes with whom I worked later, especially to the producers, make-up artistes, camera persons, senior-junior artistes as well as journalist community for their unconditional support throughout my career.

“Last but not least, I am grateful to my family and my wife Aditi for supporting me always”, the actor added further.

Until now, Aurba has acted in highest number of 161 telefilms under the sole direction of Chayanika Chowdhury.