POST TIME: 12 September, 2018 12:26:59 AM
JS session sees early pack-up for power failure

JS session sees early pack-up for power failure

The current session of the 10th parliament was forced adjourned yesterday because of load shedding. The parliament complex experienced a blackout around 5pm, forcing Deputy Speaker Fazle Rabbi Miah adjourning the session until 5pm today, moments after concluding yesterday’s question-answer hour. The day’s sitting was supposed to start at 5pm but it began around 5:10pm with back-up power supply due to load shedding. Speaker Dr Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury chaired the session.

After the break for magreb prayers, the session resumed with the deputy speaker in chair around 6:15pm and he adjourned the session till today. Later, he told reporters that the parliament complex suffered load shedding due to problems at Meghnaghat Power Station. “It is a disaster. The session has been adjourned due to this,” he added. Officials at the parliament complex said the back-up power supply system was not powerful enough to cover the entire length of yesterday’s session and that they requested the authorities concerned to adjourn the session. After the adjournment of the session, the power supply resumed from around 7:15pm.

Contacted, Sayed Ahmed, member (generation) of Power Development Board (PDB), said there was a scarcity of power in different parts of the capital and its adjoining areas around 5pm as the 450MW independent power producer plant suddenly got shut due to technical reasons.

Meanwhile, state minister for power Nasrul Hamid said he visited the arrangement for power supply back-up system at the parliament complex following the glitch. He was surprised at the power outage at the complex and said he could not fathom why the parliament session was adjourned despite having all necessary back-up arrangement in place.

The reasons behind the incident could not be identified since the filing of the report at 8pm. The authority concerned has started investigating the matter.