POST TIME: 12 September, 2018 12:20:11 AM
MPO facilities for non-govt instts likely from next year

MPO facilities for non-govt instts likely from next year

The monthly Pay Order (MPO) facilities for non-government educational institutions will begin from next year, disclosed sources in the education ministry. The sources in the ministry further said the MPO facilities will be provided to the qualified educational institutions in phases. The sources added that the online applications for the non-government educational institutions, which started on August 5, ended on August 31. At least 6,500 applications were submitted from different schools and colleges.

The technical committee that conducted the process of online applications for making a gradation of the educational institutions has submitted its report to the selection committee. Sources in the selection committee said they have already started scrutinising the papers of the educational institutions that had applied through the online process. But the head of the committee could not confirm when the scrutiny would be completed. The selection committee chief, however, conceded that it would take time to complete the scrutiny and make recommendations.

The committee will place the recommendations with a list of educational institutions before the education minister for consideration to offer MPO facilities. Sources said over Tk. 432 crore have been allocated in the current financial year for the MPO facilities of the educational institutions. The sources said it would be possible to provide MPO facilities to 500 educational institutions under the current allocation.

A decision has been taken in principle to provide one MPO for each parliamentary constituency. The selection committee will send the report to the finance ministry after conducting the scrutiny of the educational institutions for the allocation of funds.

“We have received the list of the applications. The gradation of the institutions has been completed by the software. Around 6,500 applications have been submitted,” the convenor of the selection committee, Jabed Ahmed, who is also the additional secretary of the Secondary and Higher Education Division, told The Independent yesterday (Sunday).

“We are scrutinising the papers submitted by the educational institutions. We will send a list of the educational institutions to the education ministry. The MPO facilities will be given after considering the allocation of the funds,” he said. Asked about the submission of the report, he said, “We are working on it. Nothing can be said right now. It will take time as we are scrutinising it carefully.”

“The provision of MPO facilities depends on the release of the funds by the finance ministry. It will take time. There is no possibility of the money being released before December. The MPO facilities, therefore, may be provided next year,” he added.

Meanwhile, the online application for the inclusion of the non-government technical and madrasa educational institutions under MPO facilities started on August 26 and will continue till September 14. Sources in the Technical and Madrasha Division said they could not start the application with the general educational institutions because of the delay in the formulation of its policy. Over 2,000 applications were submitted through the online system till September 4, the sources said.

The government gave the last MPO facilities to educational institutions in 2010. Since then, the process has been stopped. Teachers and employees of the non-government educational institutions launched a movement for MPO facilities in 2013. Their movement culminated in June, when the government assured them that MPO facilities would be offered, following their intensive and robust agitation in the capital.